More than Postcards: A New Project Announcement & Invitation

I know it has been a little quiet around here on the Lost Greetings blog. While I do plan to resume posting here more regularly, I would like to share with you another project I have been working on.

I am at my core a generalist, and collecting postcards is only one small niche of many that I explore in my personal time. For awhile I thought about expanding the scope of this blog to include my other interests, but I came to the conclusion that that would stretch it beyond the bounds of its appeal.

All this to say…

If you like my work and my research, you will probably be interested in my new project:

A new, broader blog.

At “Sprigged & Spotted,” I’m exploring the material culture of the past, while reflecting on its influence on the way we live in the present.

There you’ll find fascinating rabbit holes exploring the intersection of the present and the past, enjoy historically-inspired crafts, and try quizzes to test your knowledge of the tactile aspects of history. Consider this your formal invitation! See you there.

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