• What would you write on one side of a thick paper card and send in the mail?
  • Who would you send it to?

“Lost Greetings” is a collection of found postcards from a variety of eras, mostly from the personal collection of the blogger. Contrary to many collections of such antiques which focus on the featured artwork or age, the ones shown here are selected primarily for their interesting handwritten messages. Each one tells a tidbit of a story in a real person’s life.

Postcard messages can be funny, desperate, sad, or romantic, but they are always more or less brief. These relics of an earlier time provide fascinating windows into individual lives. Both the significant and mundane correspondence can show a great deal about a person’s personality, their circumstances, and their lifestyle.

About the Blogger

I’m Kate, a casual collector of vintage and wartime postcards with specific interest in military correspondence. Beyond just a fascination with history and the ways in which life has changed since postcards were fashionable and practical, I feel uniquely connected to their stories because of my deep roots and personal experience with the U.S. military.

Comments Welcome

If a particular postcard strikes you as fascinating, brings up a memory or otherwise piques your interest, please feel free to share! Also, if you have something to add about the historical context or would like to offer a correction to my interpretation of the written message or guess of the age, I’d love to hear from you too.

Olympia 1932 postmark


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